This is the moment, where moments meet moments.


You sometimes like things that are obscene and sexual and megaphone their voice into your skull; the cacophony covers and lets rest your thoughts. You like this control sometimes. You choose your shoes like you choose your purpose in life; the distance touched by them is greater than or equal to your height. Eventually they […]


She waits through times dusty with habits and expectations, for a premeditated hope of flight. An escape from time’s jagged tic-toc chain. Body drifts across sand and becomes dunes; Tongue fondles ambrosias and kisses; Eyes create photographs kinetic; Lungs pulse in glass air; Ears flutter with waves, wind, wild. Heavy minds sit comfortably on the senses but unceasingly thoughts prick often; […]

The Struggle

Others’ eyes vivify a delusive life of duplicity; like a coquetry between truth and falsity.