You sometimes like things that are obscene and sexual and megaphone their voice into your skull;
the cacophony covers and lets rest your thoughts.
You like this control sometimes.

You choose your shoes like you choose your purpose in life;
the distance touched by them is greater than or equal to your height.
Eventually they are equal though.

You feel motivated by creating a Dream House for your thoughts to try on clothes and feel pretty;
a few (sometimes all) of these thoughts drive away in a Dream Corvette
that combusts when it reaches speeds higher than 205 miles per hour.

6 thoughts on “Categories

  1. I love this. You did a perfect job of expressing what you were trying to show, did you not? If you had written something that was immediately comprehensible to everyone, would that be considered great writing? I find the symbolism fascinating, well done.

    It tickles an urge in me to create a series of photographs.

    Very, very nice Virginia


    1. I know that sometimes writers leave gaps in their writings; gaps that perhaps only others can see because the writer-theirself is able to fill in these gaps in their own mind, since that is where the thought originated.
      I am glad that you are able to find something useful in this.

      I would love to see what those photographs would look like!


  2. My perception, thoughts, perspective/response from your words of 020511:

    The follower, conformist, receiver/non-creator, dependent yes-we-can-voter that follows a trend rather than individuality. The comfort within bliss.

    The man that has never been a man because he has spent his time being what others want him to be.

    The conformist disease that has always plagued society’s.

    Identity in shoes, fulfillment in lust, and accomplishment in a “Dream Corvette
    that combusts when it reaches speeds higher than 205 miles per hour.”

    I feel your words speak to the Individual spirit. The drive we all have within ourselves, to set ourselves apart from others.

    I feel your words are aimed at those that give in, and live within the
    status qou.

    . .


    1. Great interpretation, Travis! Your thoughts line up pretty close to mine for this poem.
      Thank you for taking the time to think and post your thoughts!


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