An Awakening

This is the monologue
This is the analogue
This is the dialogue
This is the metronome.

This is the moment
where moments meet moments,
and to survive
means also to die.

This is the story
where the Self
becomes the self
Upon realization of itself.

This is the wake-up
where you quake awake!
And what you create
is an opaque mistake!

This is the fall
where the usual
becomes mystical,
and the ‘truth,’ dismal.

This is the spin,
where confusion sets in
and nothing makes sense –
What’s a mountain?

This is the smack
where everything is out of whack,
and you feel so alone
you can’t feel your backbone.

This is the peel
where you peel yourself up,
swallow your hiccup,
and wake up your wake-up.

This is the choice
where you choose
what to lose,
and both abstain and gain.

This is the delivery
where you’re empty of story,
no longer fooled by glory,
but full in the allegory.


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